Please Read This If You're Using My Patterns

All patterns on my blog is for personal use only and the following actions are unacceptable.

- Pretending to be Zoe DIY

- Sell items made with my Patterns

- Unauthorized uploading of my videos to other channel (sites)

-  Copy, sell, or redistribute this pattern in any form without my permission

You just use my template for non-commercial purposes (personal use only) It CAN'T be used in anything monetized or commercial. Anyone who deliberately does the opposite must be responsible for whatever happens

In addition, personal / the organization are not allowed to distribute all data including Sewing patterns and all photos without the permission of Zoe DIY. This will force us to take unwanted actions so if you or an organization wants to use it for profit or non-profit purposes, make sure you have permission from Zoe DIY. Thank you!


  1. Hi zoe i cannot download the pattern

    1. PLS choosing your size on the box size then click on the XS, S, M, L, XL...

  2. I want book for pattern.
    How to I get book

    1. The Ebook Drafting Pattern(An electronic book)
      Filled with detailed descriptions of formula, all easy steps instructions for drafting pattern will teach you creating projects blouse, dress, skirt, pants, short and jumpsuit in no time.
      With E-book Drafting Pattern you will soon be stitching projects with confidence for beginners
      Please access the following link to buy the Ebooks

  3. hi, dear Zoe
    I love your videoes and tutorials, they're just awesome.
    I want to repost your videos on my Instagram page, do i have permission?
    I will redirect your YouTube channel on all of theme.
    I'll be grateful if you give me this permission.
    best wishes, ahmadi.


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