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   To start a sewing project, you need to have an idea for a costume. You can search for ideas anywhere, for example: Pinterest, google, youtube channel as Zoe DIY 😍 ... followed by the stage of selecting fabric, here is As an essential step, it contributes to the success or failure. Besides, the use of sewing needles suitable for each material is also crucial. The following tables summarize the information you need when you start your sewing project.

  • Choose needle size 9/65 for light fabrics, 11/75 for lightweight, 14/90 for medium weight, 16/100 for heavy weight.
  • Cutting chiffon fabric: Wet the chiffon. Spray bottle with tap water and gently spray silk until the entire surface is wet. This will add weight to the fabric. When you cut it, it will not tend to move.
  •  How to sew stretch fabric: Choose the stitch setting of your sewing machine or set the straight stitch of the longest length.
  • There are many reasons for wash the fabric before sewing, such as: remove chemicals in the fabric, prevent color running, remove wrinkles on the fabric .. however, whether or not you decide to wash depends on the type of material you want to make. Some materials may never need to be washed, such as silk and chiffon, while cotton-fabric projects are always shrinking, so if you are making an outfit, you want it to fit after the first time you wear it. Washing and drying fabrics help you make sure you're making the right one. There must always be a rotation in the machine
Now, you have all the correct information for the next sewing project. Choose wisely.

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  1. hie,i wanted to know how do you drafting patterns,am a begginer and am interested to start sewing.


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