DIY Sewing Vintage Pulled Sleeve Dress | FREE Sewing Patterns | Zoe DIY

DIY Sewing Vintage Pulled Sleeve Dress 
 FREE Sewing Patterns | Zoe DIY
Fabric:  Chiffon, Silk... about 1.5m
Coordinating thread
Universal ball point sewing needle
Sewing machine
Buttons & tool making the buttons

We provide the services :

1. Draft the basic sewing pattern with your measurements

2. Draft the sewing pattern with your measurements and the design you want 

What we need : Body measurements, the photos of the design you want to sew (women's, men's or children's clothing)

Ordering, receiving and paying for services:

1. Please send us a letter to this email address :

Send your request in the letter : 

* Draft a basic sewing pattern.

* Send us the photos of the design if you would like us to draft a sewing pattern with the design you want to sew : 

             **  The photos of the design + written sewing tutorial (Free)

           **   The photos of the design + written sewing tutorial (Free) + video sewing tutorial (+$20)

Note : Video tutorials will be uploaded to Zoe DIY youtube channel   

The videos owned and distributed by Zoe DIY

            ** The paper size you want (A4, A0 or letter).

    In some cases, we may ask you to submit additional photos of your body shape (you should cover or blur your face). Sorry for annoying you so much but please understand because different body shapes have different pattern drafting methods. We need this important information to be able to draft the best sewing pattern just for you.


2. Due to time zone differences, we may be late to reply to your letter however we will try to reply to your message as soon as possible (within 12 hours).

Our response letter includes : The cost you need to pay, an ebook that shows you how to take your body measurements, payment method. 

Customers pay online via PayPal and send body measurements via email address :

3. Once the payment is confirmed and after 3 to 7 working days you will receive the sewing pattern, written sewing tutorial and customer code via your email address

    We promise that all your personal information will be absolutely confidential. After the first transaction you will be provided with 1 customer code, with this code, the next transactions you will receive a 30% discount on each measurement. However, If you request to delete the information, we will delete it completely after 10 days from the date we send the sewing pattern for you, and the next transaction you will not receive a discount because we need to draft the basic pattern again.

    With many years of professional experience, working with most body shapes and sizes, we completely believe in our team's ability - Committed to bringing you the right sewing patterns for your body shape.

    To sew a beautiful outfit that fits your body, the first thing you need is a sewing pattern with your body measurements. With the mission of spreading the passion of sewing to those who love sewing but are not professionally trained, we are always there to help you when you need.

    Thank you very much for choosing us.

Download and print the pattern, piece together then trace the pattern pieces and cut out. Re-measure the neck, chest, waist, hips and the length of the sewing pattern before cutting on your fabric.

Sewing guidelines:  Add seam allowance. seam allowances aren't included in the pattern pieces

Press all seams. Finish all exposed seams by serging, sewing with a zig zag stitch or trimming with pinking shears to prevent fraying.
Choosing your size: measure your bust, waist and hip and choose the corresponding size from the box size (S-M-L)
Chart size (inch)

Chart size ( cm )

Link Pattern  Print on A4 - 100% Scale. Use Foxit Reader(pdf) software for best print quality

Click➨ S
➨ M
( This pattern is for personal use only... You may not sell items made with this Patterns, copy, sell, or redistribute this pattern in any form. Anyone deliberately does the opposite must be responsible for whatever happens. )

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  1. I cannot download the pattern. It appears as not being a link :(

    1. just scroll till you read click size S M etc thats the link :)

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  3. Cannot download free ?

  4. Hello. I can´t download the pattern. Help please.

  5. Hello Zoe thank you for your pattern is this pattern only for the Top?

  6. How to download it i think it have payment

  7. This is not free s to m only see it


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