DIY Sewing Shoulder Strap Blouse | Zoe DIY

DIY Sewing Shoulder Strap Blouse | Zoe DIY
Fabric:  Cotton fabric .. about 60cm-75cm
Coordinating thread
Universal ball point sewing needle
Sewing machine
Summer is coming and a shoulder strap will be indispensable in girls' lockers because it's comfortable and easy to coordinate with other items, so today I will guide you to make a very simple blouse. Previously I often drafted patterns for designs, but this time an exception because this blouse it's easily make without patterns. We just cut 2 pieces for blouse with width 1.5 * around bust, length about bust to waist + 15cm and 4 pieces for shoulder strap (35cm*3.5cm). And You don't need extra seam allowance as it's included in the sample piece. Now go down to know how to sew this blouse.

Step to sew:
Step1: Frist, fold strap in half, wrong side out. pin and sew using a long straight stitch. Turn strap right side out and press. Repeat for other straps
 Step2: Fold your body pieces in half, right sides together, matching up the short outer edges. Pin and sew. Press seam open
 Step3: Matching the wrong side with right side of 2 pieces. Pin and sew around long straight stitch. Matching shoulder strap between 2 pieces and sew them together
Step4: Butt the ends of the elastic together and use your sewing machine's stitch to sew them together.
Mark the elastic and the top of the blouse in quarters. Pin the elastic between 2 pieces inside edge of the blouse, matching the quarter marks. then sew. Repeat for the bottom the blouse

 Step5: Fold blouse hem 1/2" towards the wrong side two times. Pin, sew around straight stitch and press.

We are done!

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