DIY sewing paper bag trouser | FREE pattern ep21 Zoe diy

DIY sewing paper bag trouser 
FREE pattern ep21 | Zoe diy
#zoediy, #sewingpattern #paperbagtrouser
Fabric:  cotton types, denim, gingham... about 1.8-2.5m
Coordinating thread
Universal ball point sewing needle
Sewing machine

Download and print the pattern, piece together then trace the pattern pieces and cut out. Re-measure the neck, chest, waist, hips and the length of the sewing pattern before cutting on your fabric.

Sewing guidelines: use 1.2cm seam allowance. seam allowances are included in the pattern pieces
Press all seams. Finish all exposed seams by serging, sewing with a zig zag stitch or trimming with pinking shears to prevent fraying.

Prewash and dry your fabric
  Video  ➥

All step to sew

Step 1: Measure 21cm down from the top of the pants pattern along the side seam, and sew pocket pattern to pants along the straight pocket edge, right sides together. Repeat for all pants patterns and pockets, making sure to sew them in the exact same spot on all pattern pieces. 
Step 2: Place front and back right sides together, with the pockets sticking out at the sides. Pin and sew side seams, around the pockets.
Step 3: With right sides together 2 crotch back. Press and sew
Step 4: Create 2 pleats in the top waistband of the elongated front trouser panel. Repeat with the other
Step 5: Measure waistband of the back then cut elastic with the length is equal to half the length of back, Press and sew

Step 6: cut 2 piece (8cm*9cm), fold 1/4" all edges. pin and sew around using a long straing stitch.  Pin them up the pleats then sew
Step 7: Fold strap in half, right sides together. Pin and sew. Turn right side out then add on the waistband

Step 8; With right sides together 2 front crotch, Pin and sew
Step 9: Pin and sew the inner leg seam, finish all seams and press.
Step 10: Fold trouser hem 1" towards the wrong side and press. pin and sew around a long straight stitch. Repeat for other leg

We are done!
 #zoediy, #sewingpattern #paperbagtrouser

 #zoediy, #sewingpattern #paperbagtrouser

 #zoediy, #sewingpattern #paperbagtrouser
 #zoediy, #sewingpattern #paperbagtrouser
Choosing your size: measure your bust, waist and hip and choose the corresponding size from the box size (XS-XL)
Chart size (inch)
Chart size ( cm )
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( This pattern is for personal use only... You may not sell items made with this Patterns, copy, sell, or redistribute this pattern in any form. Anyone deliberately does the opposite must be responsible for whatever happens. )

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